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The carpet is one option that can be used as decoration for your home. In addition to beautiful colors and motifs, the carpet is also not arbitrary in terms of its treatment. Here are tips on caring for your diruamh carpet. Carpet is one thing that is susceptible seklai exposed to dust because it is located under the foot of man. Untreated carpet will look dull and unpleasant in the eye. Besides dull, carpet rare in vulnerable patient will contain dust and germs that may be harmful to health. The carpets were not in care will also be damaged and its color faded.

Caring carpet indeed cannot say easily, therefore you often underestimate the care of the carpet itself. But you do not need to worry

Do not let the direct sunlight on your carpet, because it can make the color faded carpet. If not possible, you can use curtains to block the sunlight. This can reduce the intensity of sunlight while scorching-hot.

Re position the carpet regularly, at least once every 2 months. You can rotate or shift the furniture carpet or furniture that is above the carpet as people do in Selsdon.

If you want to buy a new carpet sellers ask for help to clean the carpet. For example, by using a vacuum cleaner or with a blow dry the carpet it. It is important that you do because usually new carpets often have unpleasant smells.

To keep the carpet to keep them clean from dust, make sure that in six months, at least you are cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. In addition to making seem dull, dust contained in the carpet can also damage the health of those around him.

You can also use a liquid cleaner to clean the carpet. Make sure you do not buy any cleaning fluid as it could potentially damage the color of the carpet if it does not fit. How to use this cleaning fluid is sprayed in the direction of the carpet. Make sure you can spray all parts of the carpet in one direction only spray. After the cleaning fluid is spread evenly throughout the carpet, you can use a sponge to brush. You need to remember is do not use a brush wash clothes because it can damage the fibers of your carpet. The final step is to dry and then use the back of your vacuum cleaner for a more perfect results

For dust contained in section carpet, not enough just to use a vacuum cleaner. If you do not have a washing machine that can be used to wash the carpet, then you can practically use the laundry service.

Carpets not only clean enough, but it is also necessary to have a sweet aroma. One way to eliminate musty odors on carpets and makes the fragrance is to use baking soda powder. The trick, you just need to sprinkle the powder evenly to all parts of the carpet. After that, you need to wait for an hour, before you do the vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner and rinse with water mixed with vinegar with a dose of a quarter of the total volume of water used.