5 Quick Ways to Clean House

  1. Clean Important

Reported she knows, one of the secrets to clean the house quickly is to give priority to clean up the essentials. The first is to wash the dishes, then sweep the floor and make the bed last. By doing three things, the house will look cleaner.

  1. Clean the Dust


Dust on the surface of the table or carpet easily visible to the eye. Though clean the house of dust does not take a long time, at least, can be done in less than 10 minutes. Microfiber cloth one tool that can be used to clean up quickly. Specialty materials used in the cloth can clean the dust, dirt, oil, bacteria and others.

  1. Only 10 Things Work

Clean the whole room in the house will certainly tiring. To make it easier, why do not you choose only do 10 things in one room? “Allow yourself to only do 10 things for cleaning the room, such as your room (for example, making the bed, hang your pants, folding and storing sweaters, etc.). To do this, prioritize the things that really matters in Warlingham. If you have time to do it again after that, it would be better. If not, at least you’ve done something, “said Sarah Welch, founder of the website organizing various things, buttoned up.

  1. Clean Bathroom

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The bathroom is usually one of the areas that are not too you prefer to take action to clean up. But this place is actually one of the priorities that must be you. Cleaning the bathroom does not have to be done for hours.

To the bathroom, the fastest way to minimize your job is to first clean the toilet, then spray disinfectant to all floors. After that, starting from the toilet, brush and clean it quickly. With the first spraying disinfectant, you provide the opportunity for the working fluid itself, so that it can reduce your energy while brushing.

  1. Take & Hide

When the house is not clean properly, you will suddenly have guests that are not planned. If this is the case, to clean the house, focusing on the visible area only. For other areas, immediately do the ‘grab and hide’. For example, take all the objects that are scattered and not in place, such as books, toys and clothes. Put all these objects in a basket or other place, then hide in a place that may not be living.



Cleaning Tips for Household Equipment

Tips to Clean Water That Smells

New well water is usually still smelled. To eliminate it, every day banality enter your tea dregs waste. Eventually the water will not smell anymore.

Cleaning Tips for Wardrobe

In the rainy season, the wardrobe is usually the smell of damp, camphor banyak2 input or input jasmine. This will help eliminate odors.

Floor Cleaning Tips

Tips for cleaning the floor there are 2 kinds of visually modern and old ways mostly use in Coulsdon.

  1. In modern: on the use of wax (wax) which sold ditoko2 washing floors or supermarket?
  2. In long: carbolic acid is mixed with kerosene or with grated coconut pulp which is wrapped with a cloth.

Carpet Washing Tips from Natural Fiber

If there is a carpet of natural fiber materials / plant, when exposed to stains. Then pour into a bottle of cleaning fluid and spray gradually gets that stained.

Carpet Washing Tips

If no reply sintektis fur stained carpet to be clean, use a white jersey and a dip in the cleaning fluid below, then smeared on the part and stained, do not spill liquid cleaner directly on the stain of carpet.

Cleaning Fluid

  1. Detergent solution: mix 1/4 tea sedok non-color liquid soap dishwashing gel sample with 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Vinegar solution: mix 1 cup vinegar and 2 warm water.
  3. Softener or bleach solution: use bleach or liquid nail polish remover that does not contain acetone liquid

Furniture Cleaning Tips

Furniture that has been soiled certainly no technique to clean it, one of which is with the way: mixing them coconut oil and kerosene with a ratio of 2: 1. Rub on your furniture with a soft cloth. Definitely your furniture new again.When cleaning the white stains on furniture that is caused by glass heat (hot water), can be removed with rubbing cigarette ash and wipe with a soft cloth.

Tips How to clean faded Glass

Glasses made of glass that have long been unused course they will be opaque glass colors. Make it look clear again, soak the cup in a basin of water that has been mixed with 1 cup of vinegar. Soak for 1 night. After that wash and dry as usual. Make it easy

Brass Cleaning Tips

Era have now every household must be contained objects made of brass. As the door knobs, and the objects antique ornaments. Of course we use BRASO, to clean it. But if braso not there then no other way to cleanse it. That is, with a mixture of lime, acid, and salt, stirring until blended. Then rub the brass objects that opaque, then wash with warm water and pat dry. The result will be the same when cleaned with braso.

Glass Cleaning Tips

Every house there must be glass, for example to mirror, in the closet, in the window. If he had not been cleaned of course a lot of dirt. Here are two ways to clean namely:

  • Find chalk powder mixed with serratus, and then applied to the glass / mirror, do the same with painting. Allow a minute, then rub with a dry cloth to clean.
  • Find the newspaper, then diremas2 and wet with water. Rub the glass and mirrors with newspaper page, the horizontal direction. Pat dry with a dry paper.

Washing Carpet Manually

Floor rug or carpet inlaid require special care in order to always look clean and well maintained. The vacuum every day is a day-to-day routine maintenance that make your carpet cleaner. But often the carpet stains and dirt better from spills or from our footwear and dust. Therefore we need to wash it periodically so that the carpet is always clean. There are several techniques for washing carpets, among others: Manually Sanderstead way using machine polisher, Using Shampooing Carpet extractor machine.

For the moment we discuss manually washing carpets and easy to apply.

  • Equipment needed
  • Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hand sprayer (Sprayer to spray the plants) are small.
  • Sprayer bottle.
  • 2 pcs small bucket.
  • Hand soft brush.
  • Carpet Shampoo chemical if you do not have to use a gentle detergent that is specifically used for color.
  • Softener and deodorizer.
  • Some white cloth, dry and clean.

Work Steps

  • Fill the bucket with clean water for rinsing and the other with a solution of carpet shampoo / detergent
  • Pour the solution Softener and fragrance bottle sprayer
  • Pour water into the Hand sprayer
  • Expand carpet on the floor and clean with a vacuum cleaner

Clean stains on the carpet beforehand by disputing (way to spotting carpet we discussed in Overcoming spill / Spotting Carpet)

Spray water on hand sprayer on the carpet surface (better gradually do not be sprayed throughout the carpet)

Shake the solution of detergent / shampoo carpets drawn until frothy, grab the foam and smooth on the surface of the carpet which was washed (better gradual)

Brush or rub the foam on the carpet evenly to clean

Repeat until Clean.

Rinse with a damp cloth, rinse damp cloth pulled up (which contains water) when damp cloth soiled. Doing overall and evenly

Dry with a dry cloth, clean the non-color until almost dry

If it is almost dry, and deodorizer spray softener evenly on the surface of the carpet (to soften and give scent on the carpet).

Drying (if it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight so that the color does not fade), or you can use a blower to dry wind machine

Once dry vacuum with a vacuum cleaner back and carpet ready in the set-up back.

We Must Note

  • Check the character and color of the carpet.
  • Do not use a spotter with an excess and a wrong way.
  • Perform cleaning gradually and evenly from the top and edge first.
  • Give Warning Sign on the carpet that had been cleaned from being walked on before drying.
  • Do not use rough brush because it will damage the fur carpet
  • Do not use too much water in order to glue the carpet is not chipped.